Hunting phishing website for fun and nothing else

Hunting phishing pages for fun and … fun ?

Cannot sleep like me ?

Time to hunt some phishing website and try to see how it works.

I often use for hunting phishing website. People can scan urls to check if it malicious or legitimate.

In the “Live” feed you can see a screenshot of websites being scanned.

It’s always a bit weird because from time to time some NSFW content are posted - I warned you :)

You can easy see the url of the website, and screenshot + url can already help you to detect phishing website.

Let’s take the example of this malicious phishing page (now removed) hxxp://

This website impersonate the paypal’s login page. Let’s take a look at url … and take a step back.

Browsing to hxxp://www.paypallsupportcustomer.mixh[.]jp/ and Tada


We can see our pp/ folder where the login page is stored and a

This archive contains a phishing kit with all the configuration and capabilities of the kits.

Phishing kit

Let’s analyze it quickly.

There is a config file in the inc folder with potentialy interesting information :

<?php $trackpass=""; ?>

trackpass is used in the panel folder and is used as a password.

Login to the panel

I did not test if this password was the one used on this phishing campaign or if it has been modified.

But after i reported it to the paypal team the website was remove really quickly (around 10 minutes).

There is also a logsz folder containing txt file with info about the number of visitor, cc cards, …)

171 visitors on the phishing page before the takedown.

Number of visitors

I took a quick look at the url used in the password variables.

Take care when browsing to this website as it might be monitored by malicious actors

Kit sharing website

It’s a website sharing phishing and scamming kits.

The one used in our analysis is : Link to the phishing kit used

If you also cannot sleep and want to hunt phishing kits just follow this simple methodology.

Thanks to for such an awesome tool !

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Written on May 11, 2019